EFTA4UK is a non-profit, grassroots campaign to promote information and debate about EFTA.

Our mission is to:

  • Campaign for the UK to leave the EU
  • Raise awareness of alternatives to EU membership
  • Explain the benefits of EFTA membership

Is there an alternative to the EU?

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  • No ECJ, using EFTA Court instead
  • Ability to make Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  • EFTA FTAs similar to existing EU FTAs
  • Free Trade in Goods, Services, Capital and People, with the EU
  • Ability to control EU immigration, using EEA article 112 & 113
  • No European Arrest Warrant
  • Save £3bn a year less EU payments
  • Control of Agriculture, Fisheries, Home Affairs & Justice
  • 70% reduction in EU regulations
  • Ability to veto Single Market/EEA regulations
  • Ability to sit and vote on world organisations, e.g. WTO
  • EFTA decisions by consensus, not qualified majority voting
  • Control of UK taxes, military, foreign policy, and aid
  • EEA article 127, allows for 1 year notice period
  • Continue FTA negotiations with EU, similar to CETA (Canada – EU)

Q. Who are EFTA4UK?

A. There are 2 co-founders, who are known by MPs, Lords, MEPs, Brexiteers, activists, journalists.

There are also a number of volunteers and freelancers who contribute to helping grow EFTA awareness for an easier Brexit.

Some of us are London based, some in the north of the UK and other parts of the UK.