We are looking for help in different areas, please see opportunities below.
They are voluntary and also freelance – when funds available.

  • If you have skills in different areas, we would be happy if 1 person could do 2 or more roles
  • The roles can also be done remotely
  • These roles are part-time, in some cases, 5 to 10 minutes a day, or 15 minutes every other day

Current Vacancies / Jobs

  1. PR, promoting EFTA4UK, press/media – Vacancy
  3. RESEARCHING news for links, with EFTA news – vacancy
  4. ADDING INFO TO SOCIAL MEDIA, e.g. Facebook – vacancy
  5. REPLYING TO COMMENTS on social media, e.g. Facebook – vacancy
  6. ANSWERING EMAILS – vacancy
  7. YOUTUBES uploading, and answering comments – vacancy
  8. UPDATING WEBSITE, with info – vacancy
  9. WEBSITE DEVELOPER – no vacancy
  10. HR, reviewing CVs, researching for freelance roles – vacancy
  11. PA, organising conference calls – vacancy
  12. OFFICE MANAGER, general and ordering leaflets – Vacancy
  13. VOLUNTEER MANAGER, organising volunteers for leafletting, train stations, other – Vacancy
  14. VOLUNTEERS, helping with leafletting – vacancies
  15. FUNDRAISING, helping organise crowdfunding – vacancy
  16. ACCOUNTS, updating donations and outgoings spreadsheet – vacancy

Please email: efta4uk@mail.com

Quoting job roles in the subject header, include your cv and/or weblink, and contact details

Thank you for supporting EFTA4UK for an easier Brexit