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Brexit is entering a crucial phase. Whether you were a Leaver or Remainer, most people would agree that Brexit isn’t turning out the way they hoped it would.

What you can do: 

If you are worried about the possible impact of a jobs-destroying ‘No-Deal‘ Brexit there are several things you can do. 

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NOTE: Letters and E-mails to MPs and MEPs cannot be Copy & Paste, but if you wanted to follow the general outline of the text below with your own phrasing and words, you could:

Subject: Brexit


I am your constituent in [Name of Constituency] and I am extremely concerned by the direction Brexit is heading in. I know many of my family and friends feel the same.

The EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries like Iceland and Switzerland seem to do very well for themselves outside of the European Union. I believe that the UK should follow their examples. 

These countries are outside of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy; Common Fisheries Policy and outside of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

They don’t come under the ECJ and they are free to make their own free trade deals; but they have close economic and political relationships with the EU. The best of both worlds, you might say. 

An EFTA-based Brexit would be a commonsense British compromise that I believe we could all agree with. 

As my elected representative, I would appreciate it if you could you would investigate and support an EFTA-based Brexit in Parliament. 

Please understand the strength of my feeling on this issue. 



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