Below you will find useful links to EFTA-related or Eurosceptic documents and reports. While we do not necessarily agree with everything contained in them, they are useful to those new to the subjects:

Survation poll, EFTA or EU:
EU paper, UK options, including EFTA EEA, pages 17 and 18
Norway then Canada, Brexit Strategy, George Trefgarne

EFTA (European Free Trade Association) website

EFTA EEA seminar powerpoints
showing areas of self-government for EFTA countries and EU influence:

EFTA Global Free Trade Agreements:

Webtool, How EFTA influences EU/EEA law and how it becomes EEA law:

A Blue Print for Britain – Openness not Isolation

Winner of the IEA Brexit prize

The Norway Option by Dr Richard North:

The Norwegian way:

Lessons from Switzerland

Flexcit, A Plan for Leaving the European Union:

Opinion poll, EFTA, EU, FTA:

The EEA (European Economic Area) Agreement (41 pages):

EFTA Convention (30 pages):

Official EFTA website: